A tennis Masterclass with Judy Murray

21 Jun

It’s lovely when I get the opportunity to do something for me and last week I got just that!

Now I’m no super star tennis player, in fact, in till recently I couldn’t even hit the ball. But I do like tennis and have always wished I could actually play.

So when your invited to a 2 hour master class with Judy Murray coach and mother to Andy Murray, you jump at such an opportunity.

I was frilled to be invited by Highland Spring one of the sponsors of the Aegon Championships which ran from the 11-17 June to come along and do just that.

So, on the 14th of June myself and sister (now fellow blogger) put on our trainers (something I rarely do) and headed up to Queens London. It was the 4th day of the Aegon Championships and the place was lively with excited tennis spectators.

We met with the lovely Eve (PR for Highland Spring) and headed of to the practice courts for some action.

Judy and her team were lovely. They took time to give each one of us (their was 8 of us in total) some one on one tips to help us improve our game and can you believe it, Judy had me hitting the ball in under 5 minutes.


The Masterclass was a real enjoyable way to build up a sweat and get some exercise. I learnt all the basics and actually by the end I couldn’t wait to get home and buy myself a racket.

Following this intense Masterclass we all got into something more comfortable and headed of to the VIP Crown Club for some champers and strawberries. Wow this was a VIP experience, one I don’t get on a daily basis (wishing).

It was lovely to relax and chat with Judy who told us a little about what its like to be mother of the super star tennis player “Andy Murray”


A fabulous day was had and I’d like to thank Judy Murray and her team, plus the guys at Highland Spring for inviting me.

If your attending Britsmum Live I’ve heard that Judy Murray is now attending. Shes lovely so make sure you all say hello.

One Response to “A tennis Masterclass with Judy Murray”

  1. Romanianmum June 21, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    Yup she is attending and i will meet her tomorrow! LOL

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