Expressing creativity with Galt

25 May

I like to think of myself as quite a creative person, I love getting stuck in to a great art project and I can literally spend hours sketching a picture.

Without being pushy I’ve always tried to encourage the children to express their creative flair.

It’s my belief that art is very therapeutic and although little man isn’t overly keen, he’s creative in his own special ways!

I do a lot of creative projects with the children especially the toddler while the two older children are in school.

My daughter is very naturally creative, and is always drawing a picture or making something from bits and pieces.

She recently came home quite excited over a school art project, a poster designing competition. The poster’s aim is to remind children to be respectful while in the dinner hall. Admittedly we do have a cupboard full of crafts but we were recently sent a giant Galt Art Jar that would fulfil the job perfectly.

The Galt Art Jar is packed full of everything you’re creative little monster would need to complete near enough any art project, whether it be making hairy monsters from Pom-poms, goggly eyes and coloured shredded paper or a poster fit for the school dinner hall.


Within this huge jar of arty fun you will find…

Over 70 pompoms, 40 wiggly eyes, zigzag scissors, sequin pack, lots of shredded paper, 2m red fringed crepe paper, felt alphabet, 12 assorted plastic buttons, 7 cotton reels, 50 pony beads, 20 small star beads, 10 large pipe cleaners, 10 large straws, 6 sheets of self-adhesive foam sheets, 7 printed card templates, 10 sheets of A4 coloured paper, 25 gummed paper strips, glitter glue, white PVA glue, 2m wiggly white trim, 3m elastic, ideas sheet.

Alice-Sara was extremely pleased to have the Galt Art Jar to hand when designing her poster.



She’s not yet finished her creation but it’s almost complete and I’ll be sure to upload a picture once it is.


The GALT Art Jar is fabulous and it’s providing lots of fun for all the children, tomorrow myself and the toddler will make pompom monsters and who knows what else. 🙂

GALT Art Jar cost £14.99 check it out over on their website!

We were not paid to write this review all opinions are my own. We were sent the GALT Art Jar free of charge in order to share our honest thoughts and opinions.

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