Thomas and Friends – Rescue on the Rails

21 May

Thomas the tank engine is a firm favourite in our house. Actually its been so for as long as I can remember, what with the little man loving Thomas all through his toddlerhood and beyond, and now his little brother Harley loves it just as much!

We agreed to do a review of the latest Thomas DVD release and share our opinion with all you Thomas the tank engine fans.

The newest release “Thomas and Friends – Rescue on the rails” hits the shelves of all good retailers today (Monday 21st May 2012)


It makes great viewing for any Thomas the Tank Engine fan, with four new episodes and lots of heroic adventures and edge of your seat entertainment.

The DVD sees the Sodor search and rescue team on one of its biggest missions as they race to help Bertie who’s stuck on Shake Bridge. Gordon one of Harley’s favourite engines needs help as his derailed and poor old Thomas’ firebox catches on fire.

All the engines brave the rails to save their friends in this heroic new DVD that does well to teach children teamwork.

As expected, Harley loved it and spent lots of time dashing in and out of the kitchen excitedly, shouting “look mummy look” Yes, I didn’t get much washing up done at all and decided it would be easier to give in a watch it with the little guy.

Here he is working the Thomas trend



Yes, the Thomas hat is now far to small, will he give it up? hell no!

Thomas and Friends – Rescue on the Rails has a RRP of £12.99
Check it out on Amazon who currently have it for an awesome price.

This is a review post, opinions are my own. We was not paid to write this review but did receive a sample pre-release copy in-order to share our thoughts and write this review.

One Response to “Thomas and Friends – Rescue on the Rails”

  1. Lilinha Angel May 21, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    He is too cute! My little man loves Thomas too! 🙂 x

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