#HAWMC Day 8 – A conversation with a boy with Aspergers

9 Apr

“Will you please fetch a glass of water for me please?”

“Mum…. Do you think my name is Edward?”

“Excuse me… Edward?”

“Yes…. Edward!”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh… Mum… I’m being sarcastic!”

“Ok… But I don’t get what you mean!”

“Edward… All butlers are called Edward and I’m not your butler!!”

This is a conversation i had last week with my son who has Aspergers Syndrome. Such conversations can often cause me to chuckle. Little man often sees everything in black & white, metaphors are not always understood so as his aged I’ve tried to teach him a little about sarcasm, with this being the result! Why does he assume all butlers are named Edward? Because two films he has watched recently both had butlers, both called Edward!

This post is 8/30 in the #HAWMC for Wego Health (30 prompts, 30 days, 30 post) this is yesterday’s post (I am still catching up after the madness of the last couple of days, post 9 to follow).

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