#HAWMC Day 1 – Health Time Capsule

1 Apr

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like in a 100 years from now! I often wonder how “aware” society would be about autism, how advance the system may or may not become with the growing number of children and adults being diagnosed. Would there be more training in schools, would it be less or more of a fight to get that all important placement?

The reason behind my wonder is that of today’s blogging prompt as part of the “Health Activist Writers Month challenge” (HAWMC) 30 days, 30 prompts, 30 blog post. Today is the first day of the challenge in which I was asked to write a post using the prompt “Health Time Capsule” Basically the idea is to imagine you’re creating a time capsule of your life and that of your health focus. This capsule will not be opened until 2112… What’s in it? What would people think if they found it?

Given that I have no idea what the world will be like in a 100 years, I guess I’ll still be trying to get the message out there and make the world listen!

You could expect to find pieces of my own story, maybe snippets of this very blog, our journey good and bad. I’d included the current medical studies of today on where we stand with autism and Aspergers, this includes the cure and the debates that surround it, vaccines and hereditary findings. Examples of petitions from  autism activists and of course the current pending “Green Paper” would also be thrown in for good reading 

What would I hope to have achieved from creating such a capsule ? I would hope that whoever found it would in one respect be disgusted at the lack of support and services aimed at both those on the spectrum and their families. A disbelief at how many parents are currently having to fight to obtain the support their children need! Why hope for this reaction? As I would like to think that by then the messages that surround autism has travelled and developed, such services have become more widely available and easy to obtain that the battles fought today are virtually unheard of! Through autism awareness has come a long way, ignorance is still very much a problem everywhere and I therefore find it difficult to imagine something so blissful (we can only hope)! 

The other part of me hopes that those who find my capsule, are able to see how proud I am of my child and his siblings, how I embrace his Aspergers and am incredibly proud to call him my son! If in a 100 years, families are still struggling, then maybe my story and writing will be something of a comfort, the encouragement needed to urge them to keep fighting and importantly… keeping raising awareness and campaigning! “Well, if they could do it in the olden days… we can do it today” is something I’d like to be a part of.

Regardless… I’m sure that whatever the impact, this little piece of history placed in a time capsule provides someone, somewhere, some very interesting reading.

You can find out more about the 30 day health writing challenge by visiting the WEGO Health Blog

Please join me tomorrow (2nd April 2012) for “World Autism Awareness Day” and help me raise awareness by contributing to “Doing it for Autism” click here for more information.


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