Week one – Getting fit with Davina

12 Jan

Before I go any further, I must add that this post has no relevance to potty training, autism, the school run or anything else on such a scale! It’s simply about me, no one other than me! It’s me doing something for myself, something I feel I need do more of!

 Let me explain… Last week an email popped up in my inbox with some pretty exciting news! It was actually from those lovely people at the UK retailer ‘Next’ Informing me that I was one of the lucky ten bloggers chosen to test run the ‘Davina for Next’ workout & post workout range, while documenting my journey back to fitness!

 This my friends is god… It’s the big man in the sky giving me a much-needed kick up the backside!

 You see, I’ve always been a person who has loads of willpower, however, lately it’s flagging and although I know I want to get healthier and fitter (more the case, I need too) I’m just having issues finding my Mojo!

 For an ex dancer I’m slacking in the get up and go, which really isn’t great! ‘Next’ setting me this challenge to undertake has come at a perfect time, It means I’m forced to document my demons and therefore, face them!

 It’s also my hope that along the way, I will inspire other women to get up and join me.

 My first mission… to find lots of motivational tools! First we have the lovely ‘Davina for Next’ workout and post workout range, which I shared with you in a post I published at the end of December (Click here to read)

Next, invited me to select two items of clothing and a pair of their innovative footwear.

 It was a difficult decision but in the end I chose the lovely and extremely comfortable Davina Burnout T-shirt in black £18

 The Davina loose black joggers £25 (the word loose made me feel somewhat better )

 As for footwear my chosen shoe is yet to be delivered so, I’ll surprise you with these later on!

 Thankfully everything fits 🙂 and surprisingly there was no breathing in, still as lovely as these Items are, I’m hoping that in a few months time, they will no longer fit me, instead being too big in size (well, this is the plan)!

 The burnout Tee is comfortable, hangs well and in my opinion looks good and is great for workout or lounge wear.

 The joggers are also comfy which is what you want when you’re exercising.

 In addition to all the above, the items I choose look good, they don’t reveal my less pretty areas and I’d be more than happy to wear these down the gym (not that I’ve graced one for a while)

 So… I have my motivational workout wear, what else am I missing?

 A good dig through my CD collection unravelled some motivational dance albums! Every girl needs some good music to get her going!

 A rummage through the photo album unravelled the perfect motivational picture. This is me just 2 and a half years ago, before I fell pregnant with Harley!

Although I’m not massive now… a size 10-12, I’m not this toned!

GOD… I want my size 8 body back!

 The Picture is now the wall paper that graces my iPhone and the screen saver on my Mac… There is simply no escape!

 I also find myself pretty envious at the sight of Davina McCall flat washboard stomach! Maybe I should make her my screen saver too?

 Now, I just needed to work out where it is I’m going wrong, tough It don’t take a genius to figure it out!

 Eating at the wrong times

Skipping meals and snacking on crap

Drinking far too much Sugar-Free Redbull

Not enough sleep, leading to little motivation & psychical activity the following day.

 Ok… I’m pretty such I can fix 1-2 however, cutting out the Redbull is going to be a hard habit to kick! As for sleeping… when you’re 12-year-old on the autism spectrum doesn’t sleep, it becomes a little difficult to get a decent nights kip! Nonetheless, when he does sleep then I need to, instead of being this night owl who’s moody and unmotivated by day.

 I’ll also be doing a lot to improve my physical fitness! With this I’ve decided to buy Davina’s New DVD as well as a gym ball, when I go shopping on Friday! I’ll also be walking more, dancing for an hour a day (yes, like I used too) and going swimming once or twice a week.

 I’ll also be getting some inspiration from Davina herself!

So, I’ve decided to try (1) I’ll take Harley for a long walk in the woods (4) Go dancing with friends (its been a while) (5) walk my mum’s dog or at least walk with her (7) Little man aged 12 attends boxing training so I’ll be asking to borrow his skipping rope.

For this one, I’m doing (1) 20 squats while doing the house work (how hard can it be right)? (4) 20 sit ups as soon as I rise from my pit (now this is one that will be a challenge)! (6) get a gym ball (after all sitting doesn’t sound to hard)! (7) 20 crunches before bed (8) work out to the ‘Davina DVD’, though this wont be on my return from work, more like following a day running after my 3 monsters (though to call it anything other than work is crazy)!

Well, the DVD workout and sitting on a gym ball, will have to wait till Friday but I’m on a mission to start the others from the minute I hit the publish button on this post!

So… good-bye junk food

My days of Luvin it are officially over!

With all these lifestyle changes ahead of me I’ve had an idea!

 The best way of sticking to something is to offer a reward at the end of it (No, apart from the body to die for)! So,  if I hit all my targets at the end of this, I’m then going to reward myself this certificate for being the worlds sexiest mum! 🙂

I would also be happy to reward those lovely ladies joining me (well, the ones that are mum’s that is)! So here they are..

  1. Jessie’s Crazy Kitchen
  2. Nadine – X
  3. Clairejustineoxox
  4. Super amazing mum
  5. Marisworld
  6. Snugglebubby
  7. Pret-a-Style
  8. Mummy Mummy Mum
  9. Mum of one

Now if that’s not an incentive ladies, I don’t know what is?

13 Responses to “Week one – Getting fit with Davina”

  1. Katie Vyktoriah January 15, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

    good luck hon! I am so excited to read about you and the other ladies’ journeys and hoping we can all inspire one another. 🙂 I love your motivational ideas. I may have to dig out some old photos now!

  2. clairelouise82 January 13, 2012 at 11:57 pm #

    Thanks Emma 🙂
    It’s normally quite an easy thing for me to do, in terms of eating better, through I’m totally craving all the bad stuff right now, maybe its the time of the month… I hope so as I just wanna eat cake right now at almost midnight! Bad, Bad girl. x

  3. Emma (@mummymummymum) January 13, 2012 at 11:08 pm #

    We can do this together! I’m a bit like you, I skip meals and then end up eating rubbish and don’t get enough sleep. hopefully we can sort ourselves out! Good luck, we’ll cheer each other on. xx

  4. Mum in Meltdown January 13, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    I’ve got to say after reading that Claire you really sound like you mean it!! So lots of luck to you- I think any small changes will make a big difference anyway let alone going for it big style. You seem like the type of person who has the willpower once you get started. Great incentives too. Love the tips on the photos as well- even some of them would definitely help me!!
    Hopefully your hardest thing will be the Redbull issue and you will see your size 8 body very quickly. Look forward to your progress xx

  5. clairelouise82 January 13, 2012 at 4:46 am #

    Thanks Zoe I will quite happily reward you a sexy momma rewarded too lol 🙂 Also thanks to everyone else who has taken the time to comment, encouragement pays. Helen, Maris and mumofone, and everyone else on the next davina challenge… wishing you lots of luck too.xx

  6. Zoe Hankey January 12, 2012 at 11:15 pm #

    Good luck Claire! I’m trying to be good myself, perhaps if I reach my goal of 2 stone I’ll reward myself with a certificate xx

  7. marisworld January 12, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    Well done for getting started – now for the hard bit keeping it up! I got the burnout top too! best of luck look forward to reading your progress

  8. jbmumofone January 12, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    Great post! I LOVE that T-shirt and half wish I had picked that too. I am doing her superbody workout DVD aswell. I LOVE the super-sculpt workout but can be hard to find the time with my one year old running about. Good luck with yours x

  9. HELEN January 12, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    ps…thanks for the mention x

  10. HELEN January 12, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    I love that reward! I would love to receive one of those!!
    I did my 20 crunches before bed & 20 push-ups this morning…let’s hope this motivation lasts!
    I look forward to reading your journey!

  11. Lou Strachan (@Bobbity666) January 12, 2012 at 7:50 am #

    I wish you every success – you CAN do it! xx


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