Popblast the approved pop for teenyboppers

19 Nov

When we were asked to have a listen to Popblast album & give a few copies away, I thought why not, it could prove to be a bit of a hit and a top stocking filler for the little teenyboppers this Christmas.

Well, I wasn’t wrong, ‘Popblast went down a storm in our house, my youngest 23 month old Harley swung his nappy for an hour at least.

Popblast is a CD jam packed with non explicit pop music aimed at children who like to sing & dance. The CD is crammed with awesome upbeat pop music  that us parents can trust.

In my opinion, Popblast is simply wonderful, it’s fab tunes engage children in movement, song and dance, with all the dance moves given in simple steps like, ‘clap your hands’ or ‘stamp your feet’  making it easy to follow for even the youngest of ravers.

Yes, myself and Harley had a blast listening, dancing and singing along to this album. Harley loved the ‘Pyjama song’ and displayed some pretty cool moves to the ‘Monsters stomp’ Even the older two got in on the act!

I’ve already stated the benefits of dance for children on the autism spectrum and this CD is just perfect. Little man loves music and he loved dancing with his baby bro, it really has been a mini party at ours this past week.

Children will have a brilliant time dancing around the bedroom with a hairbrush as a mic. No more sitting watching the box as Popblast will engage your child in some energetic dance, helping them to stay fit and healthy while being dealt a massive helping of fun in the process.

Popblast is great for all and may provide a stack of benefits for the child on the autism spectrum or those with additional needs. This especially looks to be the case when it comes to the Live shows, that promise to teach children some important life skills through the use of motivational interaction using games, song, and dance routines. These skills involve the issues surrounding friendships, respect and personal well-being to name a few. I honestly haven’t attended an event and I’m purely stating my opinions having watched some of the videos of the live events and listening to this fantastic album which really kind of speaks for itself!

If you fancy attending one of the live events, I’d suggest keeping your eyes peeled and ears pinned back listening out for dates and checking the Popblast site for event updates. 

The fabulous new Popblast album consists of ten fun tracks including that of the groovy ‘Pyjama song’ that Harley went mental for! All songs are available for download from all major outlets or can be purchased through the ‘Popblast website’ or at one of their spectacular live events.

You can even listen to the songs on the Popblast website before you buy… How can you get it wrong?

However, despite the ease that comes with getting ahold of a copy of this album, wouldn’t it be just awesome to get your hands on a one for free?

I was given 5 copies of the Popblast album… one for myself to review and 4 to give away!

So… Do you fancy doing the Monster Stomp or the Pyjama Dance on Christmas Day?

If that was a yes, and I do hope it was! Then here’s how you can win yourself and you’re teenyboppers an official Popblast album…

Compulsory action

Follow  @popblast on twitter and let them know I sent you by tweeting “I would love to win a @popblast album with @clairelouise82” ADDING THE POST URL

Extra entries

Say Hi to Popblast on facebook letting them know how you heard about them (Note this does not give you an extra entry, but leaving me a comment to let me know you have done so, validates your entry)

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Competition will end on the 4th December 2011 at Midnight and 4 winners will be drawn at random. Winners have 72 hours from the time of contact to send their postal address so I can post this out directly.

Competition is open to those in UK only

Disclaimer: We received  a free copy of the Popblast album for the purpose of this review

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