Giant Jenga

9 Nov

A Jenga tower falling down

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Little man has a bit of a thing for the game Jenga, it all started when he first discovered it at his new special school for children with autism and aspergers.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to review the ‘Giant Jenga Game’ from Garden games. Ok, it’s not exactly summer outside but Giant Jenga can be played both indoors and outdoors.

The Giant Jenga that goes by the name of ‘Mega Hi Tower In A Bag’ consists of 58 mega blocks measuring 34x 70x 207mm and comes in its own waterproof carry bag.

Little man was extremely excited to be sent the Giant Jenga and within five minutes of it arriving it was already out of the bag and well on it’s way to becoming a mega high tower right there in the middle of our living room.

Jenga is a great game for children on the autism spectrum as it helps them to “think outside the box” problem solve, helps aid the development of both fine and gross motor skills, as-well as teaching the child patience and how to deal with competition (a vital life skill for any child).

The children had great fun with this game! It was actually quite nice to see my two eldest playing nicely together, as little man tends to push his sister away preferring to play alone (obviously, playing Jenga alone isn’t much fun). Even the youngest member of the family, 23 month old Harley observed his siblings in play mode before going in for the kill.

I do recommend that you stay close by if younger children are playing, this falling tower will hurt! Another recommendation would be to ensure all children are wearing appropriate footwear, as a tumbling tower will no doubt hurt little toes.

A massive advantage to playing the extra-large vision of this much-loved game was the fact it was much less fiddly  for the little man! Yes, you do still need to take extra care not to remove the wrong piece of Jenga and make your tower tumble, but it’s much easier to remove the pieces if the child has poor fine motor skills like Little man. The Giant pieces are defiantly a bonus in this respect.

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All in all, Giant Jenga provide us with a lot of family fun, though it will be that much better come the summer, played in the garden with a BQQ going.

Giant Jenga could also prove a good game for the adults, as I can see myself pulling this one out come Christmas Day when a few of the family join us. It will provide lots of laughs especially after a few glasses of bubbly, that’s for sure.

At £49.99 I did consider it a tad pricey, though if I’m honest this is a well made game, so its bound to last for years to come.
An awesome 4 stars from us.


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