Winner of the Matalan Voucher

6 Nov

Sorry for the delay people we had some bad news this and are all only just adjusting! The Random picker was also down leaving me to seach out another online free draw picker.

In the end I did a copy and paste of all the names into a list randomiser making sure they were numbered and then draw the comp with a random number picker. It was all arse about tit, so will be drawing the “Peppa pig competition” as soon as Random Picker is finished with its update which I’m told will be today (6th November) 

However, in the mean time the Matalan gift voucher winner is …

Charlotte (Number 38)


I have emailed you on the email given with your coment, please get back to me with your details which I will forward to the PR team

List Randomizer

There were 56 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. jimmy paton
  2. Helen
  3. Katherine De Riera (@sweet Kat30)
  4. Marzena (@marzutek)
  5. Hannah Moody
  6. seasiderinthecity
  7. Andrew Byrne
  8. Marzena (@marzutek)
  9. Lisa
  10. Lou Strachan
  11. seasiderinthecity
  12. Rachel P
  13. Katie Vyktoriah
  14. Katie Vyktoriah
  15. jimmy paton
  16. Elaine Livingstone
  17. Otilia
  18. LauraCYMFT
  19. Robyn Clarke
  20. Kelly
  21. Katherine De Riera (@sweet Kat30)
  22. Alison (@ailcomps)
  23. Belinda Matthews
  24. Liz Burton
  25. Rebecca Coyne
  26. Claire
  27. Katherine De Riera (@sweet Kat30)
  28. Hannah Moody
  29. Rebecca Coynehttp
  30. Claire
  31. Laura Seaton
  32. Rachel P
  33. Helen
  34. Lou Strachan
  35. Belinda Matthews
  36. Elaine Livingstone
  37. thepricklypinecone
  38. Charlotte
  39. Claire
  40. Lisa
  41. Katie Vyktoriah
  42. Andrew Byrne
  43. elle brown
  44. thepricklypinecone
  45. Kelly
  46. Belinda Matthews
  47. Hannah Moody
  48. Liz Burton
  49. Robyn Clarke
  50. Robyn Clarke
  51. Make Do Mum
  52. Donna J
  53. Liz Burton
  54. Marzena (@marzutek)
  55. Donna J
  56. Tracey

Timestamp: 2011-11-03 05:41:29 UTC

Research Randomizer Results1 Set of 1 Unique Numbers Per Set
Range: From 1 to 56 — Unsorted

Job Status:

Set #1:


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