We all have a right to life

31 Jul

     We all have the right to life!

 As I sat reading through some old post on the blog (as you do) I was drawn to a post I had published in March this year, “With the rise in Measles it’s decision time”

 It was clear from reading the post that the issues I had raised were ones other mothers had felt the need to contemplate at a stage in their children(s) earlier years. It was of an issue full of controversy and remains to be this very day. I wrote it because I needed to express my fears, yet I knew the possibility of a debate could be raised, it was clear I didn’t need nor want one! I was lucky the post didn’t become overloaded with anti vaccine debate, (Shame the same can’t be said for Facebook).

 However, given some of the more recent events that have occurred in my life, I felt the need to write this now and have done so without fear of a verbal battering from overbearing “Anti vaccine campaigners” At this moment in time I’m ready for you, So bring it on!

 So, what is there to say now that couldn’t be said in March?

 OK, here it goes! 

 Dear Anti Vaccine Campaigners  (Yes, those whom have chosen to campaign against the use of vaccine as a way to immunise our children)

 I do ask you ever so politely to please reframe from sending me emails requesting my signature on your anti vaccine petition! Please do not try to add me to your anti vaccine groups on Facebook! I do not want to Re-tweet your anti vaccine tweets when on twitter, nor do I wish to hound those who have chosen to vaccinate their children preaching to them what it is that you believe! 


 Because It’s not my belief , nor do I intend to make it mine!

 So, here’s why

 On the very first day of October some ten, almost eleven years ago, I gave birth to the beautiful baby you all know as, “Little Man” It was the year off a new Millennium it was the year 2000. “Me”,  I was just a teen, a very young eighteen (Yes, mum I know that now)

 As the months passed quickly Little man grew and before I blinked he was a toddler. I grew a great deal too! Yes, of course I grew older, “Don’t we all” the growing I’m referring to, is that of the person I was becoming. Little man was a blessing a baby that never cried,(Except for when he had horrid colic) he was a baby that my mother referred to as a, “Little angel” He was easily fixated to the colours that flashed from the telly, the trains at the station and the wheels on his toy car. I weaned him with little problems (apart from his particulars  for finely mashed food). He was a baby and toddler that met all his developmental milestones, even exceeding a few! Yet looking back it was there! The clues, yet so little… What first time mother would notice? My Little man did certain little special things (Yer, they were different, different but oh so bloody amazing all the same)! Admires would glance at him cooing about how clever he was. He walked at a reasonable age through never crawled. He spoke, he spoke too well at times. I considered him a cheeky little monkey as he took my hand using it as a tool to point and pick things up for him. Lazy I had thought! But how wrong, how lazy he was not! Fully potty trained throughout the day and night before the age of two isn’t what most would describe as “LAZY!” 

 My Little man had all his required vaccinations at all the required times! Of course this included that of the MMR and although he almost broke that nurses nose when he delivered an almighty head-butt right on the shaft of her hooter, when attempting his getaway plan. There were no complications at that moment or during the days, months even years that followed. 

Age 4 years was the age in which I began to notice significant differences between that of Little man and his pre schooling peers (Differences that his then nursery had noted too)! Yes, I knew he was somewhat different prior to this age, but in all honesty I didn’t have much to compare his behaviours to. It was the arrival of baby number two, “My little girl, Little mans sister and rival” as he all to often treats her, who was born when Little man was 2 and 6 months old that many issue were raised. 

 Sadly we moved, “Good bye nursery that was so willing to help” Instead we started the long four year battle with the primary school his now escaped. It was only after much upheaval, tiresome and challenging battles that Little man finally got the diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome just as he turned nine. This was a diagnosis that we had first been told about at our very first CAMHS appointment back when he was just 7 years old. Oh yes, we were told way back then that, “Our little man was very likely to be on the autism spectrum, with Aspergers being the most fitting diagnosis! Gosh what happened in them two years between them words and that final diagnosis is scattered all over this very blog! 

 As for his educational needs, It wasn’t till this year January that we final got the LEA to agree to statement and after the mother of all fights, he was placed in a special school for children with autism! This was just one month ago! 

Back when Little man first attend CAMHS age 7, when I first heard the words Autism My world changed for ever (for one it lead me to this blog back in 2008) I knew that there was a massive controversy surrounding the possible links between vaccines and that of autism. Though this was mainly targeted at the MMR due to it’s administrating of three vaccines within the same time deterioration. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wonder or question the MMR at this point in time, “Of course I bloody did!” but I had a healthy daughter who received that same vaccination, besides, it wouldn’t change the fact he was on the spectrum… I decided to bury it somewhere in my head. I didn’t need answers, I needed to concentrate on the now, for all our sakes! 

 But that changed when my third child was born, my now 20 m old son “Harley” When that time came, I had to dig the question back out and ask my self… Do I want my child to contract a virus such as measles and quite possibly die? Hell NO

Do I want my child to develop autism? Again NO 

Then I asked myself, Do I want my son to catch measles and maybe DIE or do I want to take the chance of my child possibly developing autism therefore avoiding the risk of measles allowing him to LIVE?

 I instantly had my answer! God I called the doctors receptionist within minutes! Two weeks later he was vaccinated.

  I don’t regret my decision, there is NO proven link between that of autism and the MMR! But it’s a known fact that measles can be fatal! Yet despite the, “No Link” being proven you anti vaccine campaigners argue it as being wrong or somehow fixed….I think some just want something, someone to blame! Without that link you have no answers and that hurts! But isn’t it time you focused on what’s important here,”The child” You’re not going to change who they are by embanking on your mission… Its time to embrace your child and deal with the diagnosis.

I will be outspoken and now share my opinion by stating that, “Those that leave their child totally unprotected, opting not to vaccinate a child in fear of autism, are playing Russian Roulette with their own children’s life, as well as that of the life of those at risk like new-born babies to young for vaccination. (I am sorry if I’m offending supporters of the blog, fellow followers on twitter & friends on Facebook, but it’s a view I feel so strongly about.)

 How would you feel if your child passed on rubella to a pregnant woman who ended up giving birth to a baby who was severely disabled including the loss of sight due to the mothers contamination of Rubella during her pregnancy? Would you feel guilty? 

 Last month I received the news that a friend who sadly I had lost contact with 3 years back had lost her daughter to Meningitis (another vaccine that is avoided) her daughter was not yet old enough for that first Jab. This was contracted on her 8th day off life! God this saddens me! 

 I hold no guilt! I can hold my head high as I walk the streets with my children by my side. I know that when a life is lost or a baby is born disabled due to the mother contracting Rubella, It didn’t come from me or my children. 

I told myself, “If the MMR or any other Jab causes my youngest to develop autism then so be it” I’d rather that then risk him never having the opportunity to experience life! 

 There are children in disadvantaged countries that are dyeing every single day. They don’t have that choice, the choice to be vaccinated. Why? Because there is no vaccine, there is no choice, its all about luck, an unwanted gamble, one you all so knowing have no choice in taking. Please Ask them if they had the choice what would they chose! I think we all know the answer. 

 Your child was brought into this world by you, its mother!!!!

Do you want to risk the life of that beautiful child you created, being crawly taken away? Or do you want to do what a mother is there to do, protect!  

raise their child, giving them every chance off a full and happy life (with or without autism) 

 Anti Vaccine Campaigners, I do not apologise for my outspokenness nor do I apologise for giving my children the right to life


20 Responses to “We all have a right to life”

  1. Tired-mummy (@TiredmummyofTwo) December 4, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    I have always believed that despite the small possibility of the vaccinations causing autism the chances of them dying is something I would not take, I would rather have to care for my child in a different way than lose them forever


  2. Michelle August 1, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

    I know 100% that the MMR vaccinations did not cause my children’s autism because I know for sure what did cause it. I know they were born with it, as a result of medications that I was required to take for epilepsy. I had a decision to make before I even gave birth, I was told my unborn child had a higher than normal risk of developing cleft palette (no mention of foetal anticonvulsant syndrome or autism at this point). My choice was cleft palette if I continued with my medication, or risk of cerebral palsy if I stopped taking my medication. What kind of choice was that? Not a hard one certainly. Even knowing what I do now, about the autistic spectrum disorders I would make the same decision. I know how disabling cerebral palsy can be. In the same way I know how the after effects of measles can destroy a child’s life – I worked with a lady who developed encephalitis from having measles as a child in the 50/60s and was left with a severe learning disability, speech and language difficulties and fits. So again, making an informed choice I would want my children to be vaccinated if it meant avoiding a life like this. On the other hand I chose not to have my children vaccinated against whooping cough, due to a possible link between this vaccination and epilepsy – something that I had experienced myself and did not want to risk my own children developing. Imagine then how I felt when I watched my 2 year old child coughing until he was sick when he developed this horrible disease, and then passed it to my 4 month old. I had to live with my feelings as a mother who had, in effect, subjected her children to this terrible discomfort, but it was my decision, made for the right reasons according to my experience. Everyone has to make these decisions based on their own personal views, their own life experiences and the information that they are presented with. No one has the right to say one way or the other that your opinions or decisions are right or wrong. But I do think we have forgotten the horrors of these childhood diseases since they have become so rare. There was a reason for the development of vaccines, it was because of the damage and deaths that resulted from these diseases. But it will become apparent soon as rates of diseases are increasing dramatically.

  3. Jamie August 1, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

    But she is saying it from her own point of view and because she is questioned about her decision due to the campaigning and interacting she does within the autism community. There will always be two sides of the fence and Claire should be free to openly state what fence shes sat on.

  4. Kitty Kay August 1, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Agreed 100%. Great post!

  5. Elaine Spence-Moi August 1, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

    Very informative and brill post. My 11yr old son (yip born same year 1999 and I just turned 18) has just recently been diagnosed with aspergers after years of thinking just behaviour problems etc….I do not think the vaccine has anything to do with his outcome but even if it did I think I can live knowing that he has been given a full and rewarding life even with the few problems thrown in which we overcome day by day…than knowing that if he had got measles or in contact with someone with I may have on my conscience that I was responsible for another person/child/unborns life or maybe standing over my own sons grave if I had not taken that choice. I also have a 6 yrold who been vaccinated and seems okay.. Its been a long struggle and now a new adventure for us to learn and people like yourself offer so much info that has been a great help.

  6. Neil August 1, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    I am goiing to have to have a little go at one point, about the child “developing autism”. A child does not develop autism, it is with the child when they are born, it is part of what they are.

    The only thing “wrong” with it is the attitudes of others towards us, particularly bigoted people like Lou Adler who is posting stuff on his web site and inviting peoiple to “subscribe” to tell you to keep intelligent aspies out of your workplace.

  7. AmbL August 1, 2011 at 3:24 pm #

    Because Emotive language has no place when you’re trying to make an informed decision.

  8. Jamie August 1, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    Well said Anthea.

  9. Anthea Willis August 1, 2011 at 2:14 pm #

    A fantastic post! I grew up with an Autistic sister and brother with Aspergers. Me and 2 other siblings have no signs. We all had MMR and my mum maintains that her affected children ‘were born with autism’. There will always be ‘what did I do wrong’ feelings and speculation as to causes of Autism spectum disorders because the truth is we don’t actually know why it happens. The anti-vaccine ‘campaigners’ need to step off their high horse and respect every individuals right to chose.

  10. Jamie August 1, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    Why not use emotive language I think those that don’t vaccinate their children are selfish to both their child and the life of others!

  11. mummymummymum August 1, 2011 at 1:41 pm #

    Brilliant post! refreshing to hear such a sensible point of view. The complication rate of measles is quite high, I read 1 in 15, so definitely not something to take a chance with.

    Big Hug. xxx

  12. Holly August 1, 2011 at 8:30 am #

    Just wanted to say well done for writing this post, and for putting on your flak jacket to deal with the comments! My middle son is also on the Autism Spectrum, also Asperger’s, also had the MMR. He very clearly (looking back) had Autistic traits (and specialities – he too used to get a lot of attention for the things he was very good at) waaaaaaaaaaaay before he had the MMR. My older child and my youngest child also had the MMR. I don’t like injecting the babies with things, because it’s horrible to watch, but not because of the scare stories caused by bad science. Anyway, just wanted to say hi from another mum with an Aspergers son and hope you don’t get too much stick for this 😦 x

  13. AmbL July 31, 2011 at 11:31 pm #

    “Your child was brought into this world by you, its mother!!!!

    Do you want to risk the life of that beautiful child you created, being crawly taken away? Or do you want to do what a mother is there to do, protect!

    raise their child, giving them every chance off a full and happy life (with or without autism)”

    Do you realise that your words above are no different from the sort of thing anti vaccine campaigners say from their perspective?

    Your opinion is just from the other side.

    You’re using emotive language to imply that unless you vaccinate you are a bad mother.

    Ive made my decisions regarding vaccination based on my own research and what I think is best for my family, propaganda from both sides of the debate hasnt influenced me.

  14. clairelouise82 July 31, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    Thanks both Jontybabe and Steph both your comments and support mean a lot. Also ladies thanks for the twitter RTs. xx

  15. clairelouise82 July 31, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    Oh gosh our boys sound very alike. Thanks for commenting hun and offering support it means a lot. x

  16. clairelouise82 July 31, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    Hi Shell, don’t really expect you to answer as you have stated at the end of your email. I just think given this is my blog I should reply for everybodys sake’s not yours alone. Though I respect your opinion, I will make a few points on what you say. 1) Please don’t discriminate against someone because of their age. If you are on the spectrum yourself I’m sure you wouldn’t be pleased if someone stated you don’t “get it because your AS” Lucky that’s not my opinion, I’m just making a point. 2) I stating what many others will state or at least agree (regardless of age) 3) A risk is a risk and me personal will ever even take a one % chance on a child’s life (My child!) 4) maybe you should read on My point THERE HAVE BEEN PEOPLE UNVACCINATED WHOM HAVE DIED FROM MEASLES REGARDLESS OF OTHER HEALTH PROBLEMS (THEY DIED) Again no one have tired the link of autism and MMR or any other vaccination! Therefore its a RISK! I’m merely stating that I would rather my child live then die. 5) Wow this post isn’t a danger (what is it a danger as some may actually read it and vaccinate? Please again no LINK Sure the blogger who discourages vaccinations is the one leading someone into a POSSIBLE dangerous outcome. 6) Please don’t insult me, I’m a mother but I’m educated 7) Do you think I didn’t read!!!!! Before I vaccinated my child! 8) I do Wonder your age? Maybe u were around in the 1940’s when 857 people died rising to 1,141 in 1941? We still had number in their hundreds during the run up to vaccination. You seem to forget those who has underlying heath problems! You for get the babies with weaken immune systems as they are to young yet someone who has just got a mild case of measles can potentially kill that baby, or elderly person. But doesn’t that matter. 9) Wow don’t start me on meningitis (and a few years is an instatement) We are offered the Jab against the C strain…. However if we were offered the B would the anti vaccine campaigner campaign against it YES so what is your point? What because we can die from B strain we should not bother with C strain vaccines and open ourselves up to this, potentially putting it about like wild fire. U only had to ask! My friends daughter died from C strain so for me vaccinate!!!

  17. Shell July 31, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    This is the kind of saddist posting of all. All children aquired measles without ever dieingh or hoospitalization. You have been lied to possibly because of your age. You believe the hype. Not saying that 1 in hundres of millions can not get complications but they rarely did. Meningitis too was 1 in millions. They have been vaccinating against it only recently for a FEW years and since MANY kids are hospitalized and Dieing now as a result. There are 2 types bacterial and viral, the shot only prevents 1 and as all shots, false immunity only lasts for a brief time. You have a right to choose vaccines. The posting will harm others as you have a limited amount of knowledge on the vaccines coupled with a good ability as a writer. This post seems to be on an antivaccine setting. If you want to post pro vaccine you can with pay in the pharma industry. I am not interested in engaging with you further. Just please read up .

  18. chrissi July 31, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    I agree with you 100%! And I think its wonderful that you have the courage to voice your opinion!

  19. steph July 31, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    Hearing you describe your little man in the early stages of his development is like hearing my sons in many many ways…my son had an acdcident at 18months old falling down the stairs and I have often contemplated “was it my failure to protect him from this accident that has sunsequently meant his make up includes Autism?”.
    Talking to friends has made it easier to accept actually Autism was always a part of my son. He was so desperate to watch Thomas that at 10 months old he taught himself to turn on the TV, put in the DVD, turn to the right channel and then start his DVD. He couldn’t walk yet! Everyone marvelled at how clever he was with electronics especially, figuring everything out so easily. He used to haul a backpack around with him from as soon as he could walk with his prize possessions in and so started his obssession with people stealing from him!
    Deep in my heart I know that Autism is as much a part of my son as the deep brown colour of his eyes…he was made that way…and do you know what regardless of the hard times (what mother doesn’t have them) I wouldn’t change him for the world…make things easier for him yes…but never change him xx

  20. Jontybabe July 31, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

    An absolutely fantastic post!!!! Thankyou so much. I have to say I agree with everything u said one million percent!!! I often get people asking me if I regret having my daughter vaccinated. Wot a stupid question! Autism will not kill my daughter. Measles or meningitis could! I keep reminding them there’s no proven link. If it was proven that there’s the smallest link I’d still have made the decision to vaccinate my kids. The risks to their lives from measles etc is too grave!

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