A literal thinker.

21 Aug

This post is based on my sons understanding of language. Many parents of children with ASD will be able to relate.

Here I’ve taken a few of mine and Little mans memorable  conversations in an attempt to highlight just how literal someone with autism and Aspergers can be. Though these are quite funny and harmless, there have been times when little mans literal understanding has fuelled anxieties and caused him a great deal of stress. Growing up little man has struggled to understand jokes, metaphors, and sarcasm, with this becoming more apparent with age. It’s quite stressful at times as he won’t always express that he hasn’t understood, Instead his anxiety will be displayed though highly challenging behaviours. These such behaviours are the reason we as parents, teacher, friends or other should learn to adjust and simplify the language we use. Over time Little man has learnt that when I turned and said to a friend in a stressed out tone of voice  “I’m gonna kill that boy in a minute”  I didn’t actually mean it!  Still it’s rather sad to think that at one stage in his life, he considered his mother the murdering type.

Well, with that I will leave you with some classics.

Mum: “Do that once more, You will not be going on YOUR bus tomorrow.”

Little Man: “It’s not my bus! It belongs to the metro.” (Said why screaming and crying.)

Mum on the phone having a conversation with a friend. “I still have a way to go. I’ve lost a STONE and a few POUNDS so far.”

Little Man a few days later. “Mum did you ever find your STONE and few POUNDS that you lost?”

Walking to school one morning.

Mum: “G you’re FLYING” (Zipper down on his trousers)

Little man: “I’m not flying Mum! I’m walking.” (Said in a very moody tone)

Mum: “Keep it up and you’re going to SEE!”

Little Man: “I can see already thank you” (Easily confused as pure sarcasm)

Mum: “Go wash your face, Its BLACK.”

Little Man “you’re being racist mum”

Little Man “Mum why would someone kill CEREAL?”

Mum: “What?”

Little man: “The man on the news said he was a SERIAL killer.” (G already watching the news as a five year old)

4 Responses to “A literal thinker.”

  1. Rebecca August 21, 2010 at 4:54 am #

    My son added, just now to the other comment about the toothbrush in the shower comment that he didn’t understand it because, “a toothbrush can’t turn back time.” He’s adorable!

  2. Rebecca August 21, 2010 at 4:50 am #

    I asked my 13 year-old son what a serial killer was & he said, “Someone who isn’t lactose intolerant or eats cereal too much.” lol! These are great!

  3. Big Daddy August 21, 2010 at 3:20 am #

    Too funny. My son (13 and autistic) is also very literal and some of the things out of his mouth are hilarious. His perspective on the world is just amazing sometimes.

  4. fiona2107 August 21, 2010 at 1:53 am #

    HAHAHA! That’s gorgeous! I LOVE these precious little nuggets that they come out with!
    I especially loved the Serial killer one LMHO!

    My favourite one came from my girl.
    We were running late one morning and I told my daughter to save time by brushing her teeth in the shower.

    I went in 10 minutes later to find her standing in the shower cubicle, fully dressed with the toothbrush in her mouth and she said “I don’t see how this is supposed to save time Mum!”


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