Request for Statutory assessment

2 Mar

As my last post explained I have decided to apply for a statutory assessment of little mans special education needs. Wanted to get the request written up and sent of before little mans school decide to change their minds in their decision to support me on my quest to get little man statemented and Into a school better suited to his needs.

I have posted a copy  of my written request for a formal  assessment. Please share any tips and advice you can offer me if you feel the request needs to be written any differently.

  • 1st March 2010
  • Re Giovanni Sarcone
  • 01/10/2000
  • Request for statutory assessment.
  • Dear Sir or madam
  • I am writing as the parent of the above child to request an assessment of his special educational needs under the 1996 education act.
  • I believe that Giovanni Sarcone whom attends xxxxxxx primary school
  • has the following special educational needs.
  • Bad behavioral problems in class and playground. His refusal to follow simple instructions and rules given by his teachers and TAs. I feel this is a result of his diagnosis of Aspergers which is a social communication disorder placed on the spectrum of autism.
  • below average learning age despite having age appropriate  IQ ( underwent IQ test at kaleidoscope in 07 )
  • Giovanni’s  in abilities  in coping with certain situations brought on by his difficulties with sensory processing.
  • Rude and inappropriate  manner and language towards staff and peers
  • reluctance to learn unless the subject falls into something of interest to him. lack of communication in asking for help if he has difficulties in understanding work. This brings on outburst of anger in which causes disruption  for the rest of his class.
  • Giovanni has a number of difficulties that affect his school day. His diagnosis of Aspergers means he has many difficulties  with social communication, Reading social clues , expressing emotions in an appropriate manner, sensory sensitivity and problems with routine ( A change of class teacher often results in Giovanni being taken out of class and even being sent home )
  • My reasons for believing that his school xxxxxxx primary cannot on their
  • own make the provisions required to meet my child’s needs are as
  • follows
  • Giovanni’s behavior becoming increasingly more difficult for the staff to contend with.
  • He often will be removed from the classroom due to him being extremely disruptive.
  • He will often miss out on classroom activities and playtime due to behavioral factors and a reluctance to follow instructions.
  • An increases in letters and phone calls regarding his behavior and refusal to work.
  • Their has been at times a need for me to collect Giovanni from school just for lunchtime as playground and dinner hall staff are unable to cope with him. He has also been sent home early or half day due to not following teachers instructions  and behavior problems.
  • He is on the verge of exclusion  from school which I worry will do more harm then it can possibly do good.
  • I understand that you are required by law to reply to this request within
  • a six-week period, And that if you refuse I will be able to appeal to the
  • special educational tribunal.

  • Yours Sincerely
  • Miss Claire Parkinson

Please note this page was updated on the 20th-04-10. The Name of the school has been removed. It was posted as a genuine mistake. Sorry if this caused any concerns or problems. Clairelouise82 blog author.

3 Responses to “Request for Statutory assessment”

  1. Donna B November 1, 2016 at 6:27 pm #

    I could be reading about my daughter..its a virtual textbook for Aspergers.Was just resesrching to apply for statement when I came across your wonderful blog..what an incredible resource.I love it..its so helpful and the timing is perfect so thank you.DB

  2. dave fry March 2, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    it took me 1 refusal and a lot of argueing to get the statement for my now 10 year old with autism adhd/aspergers he had no education for18 months the branch could not cope then he had 1 hour a day 1-2-1 that failed the teacher lost her temper with him[she admitted thhat]so he hit out in defence that stoped finally i got his statement and he started at a special needs school at seaford east sussex 4 weeks before xmas 2009 he now looks forward to going to school and is improveing both education and behaviour you keep on to them dont give up take care dave

  3. Lora Aspiotis March 2, 2010 at 9:51 am #

    Looks good to me Hun, you did a great job at being diplomatic. There’s only one typo that I see and it is at the beginning of the sentence: There has been at times a need for me to collect……
    I wouldn’t bring it up but it is important to be correct when writing such a letter or else they will not take you seriously. Otherwise it is an awesome letter. You have done a great job at getting your message across. Please keep us posted. Hugs!!!!

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