9 Sep

So little man and his sister went back to school Monday. Yes I was worried about little man as he hates change but things seem to be going fantastic. I was also really worried about him sleeping and waking up on time but we have also overcome that problem! We live next door to one of Giovanni’s class mates and we have agreed that they can walk to school alone together. The thing is we only live up the road from the school so there are no big roads to deal with  and we can pretty much see from the window. I also still have to walk Alice to school so we leave five min after he does so he fells that bit more grown up. They leave early and play In the playground before the bell goes. I’m so pleased He has become close with someone in his class/school as little man can find it hard forming a friendship with other children as a result of his Aspergers and he has at times become a target for bullies. ( At the moment their is a girl aged around 10 yrs that lives a few doors down). She seems to enjoying winding little man up and it’s now got so bad he don’t want to go and play with his friend that he walks to school with in their garden as the bully lives next door and sometimes goes around. We saw her at shopping today and she was rude and I had to have a word with her mother which I hate doing. Her mum was also heavily pregnant like myself and looked as if she really didn’t need the stress ( Well heres hoping things improve )

Anyway guys just wanted to update you on the whole school thing and thank everyone for their support:)

One Response to “ALL IS GOING GREAT!”

  1. Casdok October 4, 2009 at 8:34 am #

    Hope its still going well!

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