A well over due update!i

5 Sep

God how slack am I! I really can’t believe that I have not posted anything since the beginning of July ( How poor and Lazy is that )

Well family life is going OK. Little man and his sister are great and looking forward to returning to school On Monday. We had so much planed for the school holidays but sadly not much of it happened. As most of you know I’m 7m pregnant and my iron levels have been up and down making me really tired! Then there was the summer heat which was horrid:( So we are hoping to take the children away for a few days before baby is born. As there was cases off swine flu at little mans school before they broke up they had a extra week off so little man did not get to meet his new teacher. I am a little worried we will have problems! Like most children with ASD he hates change. I have tried to prepare him for this but who knows? His not happy about not working with Mr Ally anymore who he formed a fantastic bond with. Also as most know little man is a very poor sleeper and has been taking Meds for sometime. Since breaking up his routine has gone up the wall and it has been hard trying to get the little bugger to bed lol. Lets hope all turns out OK and the new school year goes well. I’m really hoping his school pull out all the stops and the school Senco goes all out on offering and giving him any extra support my son may need. His never really been a fan of school but I’m hoping this year he gets more happy and settled as I really don’t want to stress things out more with the sudden change of a new school! And with a new baby on the way  I want little man to be as comfortable as possible.

Talking off being comfortable can you believe our house is still not completed after the ceiling fell in back in April! Yes they have done the ceiling but the rest of  the room is still a building site. We had just spent a fortune decorating only to see it turn to dust. We are still waiting on the walls being plastered as the impact of the fall caused the walls to blow:( This is supposed to be done this coming Monday ( finger and toes crossed ) Our new Kitchen and bath room is going to be done by November phew. Just in time for the birth of my son. I really don’t want my baby coming home to a war zone.

Last but not least I really need to rant. When I  logged on tonight I discovered a comment on one of my post that upset me so much I was in tear! Normally I would not let stuff like this upset me as their are some dumb people out there with nothing but crap to say but hay maybe it’s my hormones! This person Wanted to tell me his views on people with Aspergers. Well my son is a retard, a wimp and needs to be locked up. Whoever you are please don’t comment on my blog anymore!!! You are a truly sad individual and i prey u get whats coming to you.

Well thanks for reading and I will  be sure to update soon.

One Response to “A well over due update!i”

  1. rebelmother September 7, 2009 at 11:51 am #

    Olly’s just started at his new school and seems to be settling in ok. Hope Little Man does too.

    7 months! God, that has gone so fast!

    Delete comments that upset you and think no more about it. It does beggar belief at peoples ignorance, but we are blessed with beautiful children that view our world differently and without these children progess in the arts, technology and science would be stunted. It takes someone different and very special to help the world move forward, like our children, and clearly some people remain locked in their own miserable and blinkered world. Leave them there.

    Love RMxx

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