14 Jun

It’s the final countdown.

I’m guessing most people all over the world knows this song by queen (Freddie mercury )

However I bet you don’t know it as well as me! Reason being is I hear this song at least 30 times per day. No I’m not a huge queen fan. Don’t get me wrong there songs are pretty cool but not really my cup of tea. I really don’t have a choice but to listen to it most of the day. Reason being is Little man loves it! When I say he loves it I mean he adores it. If it’s not playing from his laptop 24/7 You can bet your life on it that little man will be singing it from the top of his lungs. He knows every single last word, Just like a pro. Only down side is sadly he takes after both his mother and father who both don’t have the voice of angels 😦

So I took action. I fault that if he liked the final countdown so much then maybe he would enjoy some of queen’s other classic tunes (Hay anything was worth a try ) At least then we could listen to a number of different songs. So I went onto utube and had a look. Did It work. Well kinda! Yes he enjoyed many of the other songs. The classic Bohemian Rhapsody, Living on my own and I want to break free were soon become close favorites. I would hear him in the tube singing aloud but still nothing topped his number one spot. Yes the final countdown is here to stay.


  1. andieduran January 25, 2013 at 7:18 pm #

    “The Final Countdown” is actually by Europe. Not Queen. It was my class song for graduation… And I’m a Queen fanatic. Joey Tempest wrote the song, not Freddie Mercury. It’s also believed that I have Aspergers, so I definitely know my Queen.

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