7 May

Yes it had been some time since little man had sat in that dentist chair. Please don’t think bad of me but after our last visit we both found it hard to go back! Then there was the fact that I was always likely to pass out at the sight of needles. But we had to do it! so off we went. Why I worried I will never know, Little man seemed to enjoy this trip ( I’m guessing that’s because all she did was take a look. ) The dentist seemed really nice, she really seemed to understand little man and his needs. We where only in the room a few seconds before she asked does your son have spacial needs ? Yer that’s all routine! That’s what I fault. But as I opened my mouth to speak I could see in her eyes she know what was coming. When I said he had Aspergers, she nodded saying yes his speech is very formal that’s what I would off guessed. WOW HAS IT GOT TO THE POINT THAT YOU CAN SEE IT MORE NOW ? YES I THINK SO! I NOTICE HIS DIFFERENCES MORE EACH DAY. I remember trying to explain to doctors, teachers, family and friends my concerns for my son, In return I got some funny stares as if to say WHAT?????? I was speaking with my mum about this just the other day, and yes she agrees. Well the dentist was great, she was on a great level with little man, she was building trust with him! I was just about to discover why! Yes he would need one silver filling, not today but tomorrow at 8.30am 😦 Am I worried hell yer. She explained that often children with a condition like aspergers, find things easier ( FILLINGS ) when the parent, carer is not present to witness it happening. So I’m going to see if I get away with waiting outside. I hope so! Seeing a needle and little man in pain is to much to bear. ( I’M A COWARD I KNOW ) I haven’t told little man about what having a filling means, I’m worried the noise and felling may bring on a sensory out burst. If  I’m honest with him it will be a battle to get him there ( FOR SURE ) So my fingers are crossed that all goes well, I will be sure to update you all when we return.


  1. Sheri May 8, 2009 at 1:11 pm #

    I can sympathize. Pre-diagnosis, we “Potty-trained” in many different methods, including using candy as a reward. As a result, we’ve had two fillings and most recently a chipped tooth. The sounds and sensations got under his skin but he kept pretty good control. They also had a TV with a cartoon and headphones and that was a TREMENDOUS help. If they don’t have a distraction available would taking a headphone and radio help?

    Hope it all goes well….I had to wait in the lobby too. Take a book, stay distracted.

  2. rebelmother May 8, 2009 at 10:13 am #

    I hope it goes well today. Dentists arent the easiest of places to go to at the best of times. RMx

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