Back to school battles

17 Apr

So it’s Friday, just a few days left then back to school 🙂 

This has been close to the longest two weeks in my life! No I’m execrating it’s not been that bad. The second week was a walk in the park compared to the first. Yes there was my shopping trip from hell 😦 It’s not like I don’t enjoy spending time with my two little monsters, I will just be thankful for the break, wont we all ?

Then again I have the school always on my back. I’m hoping after the meeting with the SENCO concerning little man and his condition things may be better. Then again Pigs might fly. Hay please don’t get me wrong but when it comes down to little man and school sod all goes right. However the school have agreed on little man bringing in his own reading books. He hates the school books, they seem to hold the interest for him whats so ever. With little man having ASD his interest are much more limited! In my eyes as long as his reading that’s all that counts, If that means reading something he enjoys then so be it. I’m pleased the school agree and its one less school problem we have to deal with out the hundreds we face each and everyday.

Another is lunch time. One of the newest problems added to the list. We recently discovered why little man wasn’t bringing home his lunch box. He was worried I would discover he was eating nothing or given the whole thing away to a greedy bully that told him he eats like a pig. I’m really counting on the school changing the way they deal with stuff concerning little man. His my boy that not only needs a full education but a happy one!

2 Responses to “Back to school battles”

  1. Casdok April 21, 2009 at 10:29 am #

    Glad the school agreed about the books. Hope they can now sort the bullies out.
    Theres always something isnt there?!

  2. Gavin Bollard April 17, 2009 at 10:17 pm #

    OMG… was a pig eating his lunch?

    If so, you might have to pack a “secret” lunch for him and give him a “normal” lunch that has lots of chilli in it.

    Well done about the school’s reading books. We haven’t won that battle. I buy my son quite a lot of “action-orientated” books (eg: those eyewitness books) and books about “spider-man” “star wars” etc. I’ve even been known to draw up my own books for him to read. Those Dick and Jane books are just so dull.

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