Melatonin update.

3 Apr


It’s been a good few months now that little man has been taking Melatonin for his sleeping problems. Is it helping? Hell yer! 

I was very against little man taking any medications what so ever. But his sleeping problems were well lets say heading to dangerous levels. After speaking with the doctor that was dealing with little mans case, and hearing the pros’s and con’s of the medication we decided Melation was the best step forward for us. Given the fact Melatonin is a natural product I felt this was a good option to take. 

I remember writing my first blog post a few months back about our first few nights and then weeks with little man on the treatment. After some ups and downs, sleep walking and talking things seemed to be going great. Now a few months on things are getting better and better. The thing is with this medication there is no miracles. Once the tablet is taken the effects will wear off after an hour to an hour and  a half. If your child does not settle by this period there is a pretty great chance they can or will over ride it’s effects. Yes this has happened once, maybe twice with us but on the whole little man gives in to the sleep that he so badly craves. 

I can not Begin to express my feeling’s to the way I felt when G slept his first whole nights sleep in god only knows how long. It wasn’t that I was so happy to not be having a bedtime battle, more so that I was so happy to see my son getting something his body so badly needed SLEEP. I can honestly say I have seen a lot of improvements in little man. LET’S GET ON THING STRAIGHT! MELATONIN IS FOR HIS SLEEPING ISSUES NOT HIS ASPERGER’S, EVEN THOUGH HIS ASPERGERS MAY BE THE CAUSE OF HIS SLEEPING PROBLEMS! What I am saying is yes G still has sensory problems, obsessive interest and so on, but he also has better attention, more energy and is not so snappy. All this is thanks to a good nights sleep. A good nights sleep is something all children and adults need ASD or not. We all would find it extremely difficult to function given nights of little sleep or no sleep what so ever.

So yes Melatonin is working for us. If your are thinking of putting your child on Melatonin then speak to your GP it may be right for little man but everyone is different. If you are saturated in the UK like myself this Medication is only available from your doctor via a prescription.

One Response to “Melatonin update.”

  1. christy April 7, 2009 at 4:01 am #

    I found you on sensorysoftworld. Yes! Melatonin is awesome, isn’t it? I’m glad it’s helping. It sure did my daughter.

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