31 Mar

Are we at last making progress ?

Is someone at last going to do the right thing by my son ?

Another meeting down at the school today. This time with the Senco and Little man’s “support worker” This time I went with a family friend. I was not going alone, not after last time ( I went for a meeting with four other school stuff. As I was alone I felt I was being bullied into agreeing to stuff I did not agree with ) Well today went a lot better. I don’t want to raise my hopes that improvements are on the outlook but things went well. Little man will not read any of the books they send him home with. He will hide them once home, this often takes me weeks to recover them ( his a top hider ) The Senco has agreed that as long as Little man is reading it doesn’t matter what he chooses to read. This means he now has permission to take his own books into school. When I gave him the good news his face lite up, he was more then pleased. Also he may be given the chance to bring his laptop into school on a Monday. This is something that has been designed as a way to make him want to come in on Mondays as right now that’s not happening. The Senco has also agreed to  speaking with his teacher in regards to being made to sing in class. Little man was made to miss playtime a few weeks back as he refused to sing a song, reason being was he felt it was a girls song. This really upset me. This is part of his condition and I don’t fell he should be punished for it. So yes he will be given the right to decided if he wishes to take part in certain songs. 

On the whole the meeting went well, I felt as if things were moving forward. Saying this I dare to get my hopes up as they have been dashed more then once. I’m just keeping my fingers and all my toes crossed that things are going to improve for the sake of my Little man and his much needed education:)


2 Responses to “ARE WE MOVING FORWARD?”

  1. Christina Handfan Harrison March 12, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    Congrats on the small victory and hope many more come yours and the little man’s way.

  2. Sheri March 31, 2009 at 8:57 pm #

    Go ahead and get your hopes up, enjoy the moment and the progress. You BOTH deserve to enjoy this small victory(just make sure to not evict the little voice in the back of your head that’s telling you to be alert, aware and ever vigilant for kinks in the system).

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