5 Mar

Why is this getting my back up so much? It’s not like it’s the first time I have heard it!

I believe  in freedom of speech and all that stuff, I’m pretty good at respecting others views and opinions! But this one is eating away at me and no matter what I do to try to get that article out my head it just keeps coming right back at me. Let me explain what the hell I’m on about! A few days ago I was checking out some of the other blogs on WordPress with the tags Aspergers, autism and ASD it was then I came a cross a really fab blog, One which I remember checking out on my journeys before.

The blog I’m referring to is named Child health safety. A blog hosted on wordpress. It’s a great blog that you are likely to find interesting post that always lead to you commenting as the subjects are so easy to relate to. Well that was definitely the case this day!  CAN YOU CURE AUTISM ? THIS MUM BELIEVES HER SONS HAVE RECOVERED. This was the the title for the latest post on the site. I was once again pulled right in and had to read it. 

First let me add some important facts here! You will need them to get a full picture of what I’m about to tell you.

The creator of the blog was not in fact the author. He had published some of the article then supplied the link for you to check out the full story. The article was in fact written by Sally Beck who is a writer for the famous British newspaper The mirror. So this was featured in the news. 

A mother and trained nurse to twin boys claims that her boys have been cured from Autism. The cure is the result of some programme, “Some miracle” programme. Yer right! Sorry I don’t know about you’ but I find this a load of rubbish! To me this gives false hope to many parents that have just found out their child is on the autistic spectrum. The mother whom is named Nina and is from Camberley Surrey in the UK said her sons were diagnosed at the age of 2. She was very upset and wondered if her boys would ever be normal ( Nice ) She claims they were so bad she had little control over them in the way of behaviour that she considered placing them in residential care. She states the boys were late talkers, bad sleepers, and aggressive. The programme which Celebrity mum Jenny Mcarthey followed and who also claims her child is cured is an American programme. The twins were on the programme and within 18 months they were different children. Nina has said that two specialist have confirmed that the twins are no longer Autistic. So why are there no names? I for one would love to know who these “specialist” are? It’s a known fact! No child is cured form autism as autism is a life long condition. God why can’t these parents except their children for who they are and stop being hell bent on changing them or claiming there something there not. Celebrity mum Jenny Mcarthey should know a lot better being in the public eye. If this was something proved to work don’t you think doctors and child psychologist would be talking about it, offering it to the many autistic children all over the world today? Autism, cancer, Aids. What ever it maybe their will always be someone, some company or another making the big claim that they have cracked it! When in fact most of the time the only thing they have cracked is the safe. Millions of people will hand over there hard earn much needed cash in order for get the impossible A CURE!. Why these mothers claim their children are cured I will never know. What do they gain from it? Nothing I guess! So what is the point of them say it, this rubbish? Maybe because they have been brain washed or it’s purely because they want it so bad that they chose to believe it. Maybe the “programme” Has in fact introduced new ways in parenting the child. What they consider a cure is the autistic child just acting in a more relaxed manner!

Sorry guys I do and always will believe autism is autism and that is a life long condition which can be improved but never cured! Read it for yourself at  



  1. Cammigirl March 11, 2009 at 6:22 pm #

    I agree with Claire! If there was a “cure”, it would be offered and presented by professionals Like everyone else here, I believe that it can be “managed” but not cured.

  2. leechbabe March 5, 2009 at 10:16 pm #

    No such thing as a cure for autism. Ways to minimise the impact on your life, ways to help cope better but not a cure, it never goes away, it is just part of who you are.

    Wonder how many $’s they want to rip parents off to pay for the ‘cure’. Colour me not impressed.

  3. Kelly Langston March 5, 2009 at 7:05 pm #

    Hi, Claire! I feel that as long as you are following a program, medication or treatment…you aren’t cured. But I will say that my son follows biomedical treatments: the diet and several supplements, under the care of Dr. Elizabeth Mumper of The Rimland Center. She is currently working hard to establish an alliance with the American Academy of Pediatrics…something very welcomed by me! (See

    As for Alec, I wouldn’t say my son is cured, but he is much better. Hope you don’t mind my commenting this! Dialogue is good.

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