23 Feb

Well if any of you read last weeks finds you will remember that i was late in posting them! Didn’t get them on to the early hours of  Tuesday morning! Reason being i forgot the day:)

That’s the life of a mum. Pretty crazy i know but ha it happens all the time. Well I’m on form this week! I’m cheating a little’ well not really! It’s Saturday night and I’m posting early. I’m gonna write it and save it to my drafts with it set to publish itself on Monday.

So here are this weeks Monday finds enjoy!

PICTURE STEPS…. Teach kids the way they learn best! Through pictures. This site offers tools designed as picture cards that are customizable for each child and they needs. Picture steps helps with daily routines in challenging circumstances. You like the sound of it visit

THE BLUE ROOM…..Great Autism and Aspergers forum. Calling all fathers of autism/aspergers syndrom. The national autistic society have authors seeking contributions from fathers that have children on the spectrum. For research for they up coming books. Want to get involved?

JAMIE’S WATCH….. A site to introduce you to the author of Jamie’s watch. A fantastic story that takes a deeper look at autism and with it brings a deeper understanding! The author is a father of a autistic son named Kevin. The story Jamie’s watch reflects his deep personal conviction that Kevin and others like him will be made whole. So worth a look!

SOFT TOUCH…. This site provides you with software and now hardware for your autistic or special needs child. Note it’s not free! Far from it in fact! The designed software for autistic children has a large price tag. Looks good but only if you can afford it:) Interested?

MOMS BAGGAGE…….The only featured blog on this weeks finds!  Nothing less then a wonderful blog about parenting children on the Autistic spectrum.


One Response to “MONDAY FINDS ( WEEK 6 )”

  1. leechbabe February 23, 2009 at 9:24 am #

    The picture steps site is great – link was missing an ‘e’ at the end of picture but easy enough to figure out and get there.

    I love Picture Set which our early intervention centre suggested to us –

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