23 Feb

Been telling everybody how I’m looking forward to Monday as the half term is over and I can have some of that mummy time when the kids are at school. Got the children’s clothing ready last night’ made packed lunch which i left in the fridge then went of to bed with a smile on my face.

Morning comes i drag my tiered self from the bed and go down stairs to put the kettle on. Little man is none to pleased as his cousin goes back tomorrow’ he says it’s the same for him. His trying it’ I know he is as far, as I’m concerned it’s today there back in school and after a long week of arguing I’m so looking forward to the peace. I plan to go and get some shopping alone child free. Making my Coffee there is a knock on the front door. It’s my younger sister Charlotte ( she is 14yrs old and is on her way to school) Charlotte will often give me a knock on a week day morning. She knows the lack of sleep i have been having so she knows there’s a chance i may not wake up. So for as long as i can remember since the first time i asked her to pop up in the mornings she still carries on doing so. Today Charlotte is nothing but the bearer of bad news. Informing Me that in fact G was right! School are back tomorrow!

“GREAT” Well the kids think so’ jumping out of there shoes as quick as road runner there up the stairs and back in there comfortable beds. That’s my shopping day out the window. I don’t no whats worse! The fact the school is closed as the teachers are in training today. Why the hell they didn’t do it the week of the half term is your guess! Or the fact i could of had a lay in but instead I’m wide awake and freezing cold waiting for the heating to come on?

I’m guessing pretty much all mothers say this! As i know mine sure did but really i don’t ever remember having this much time off when i was in school! By the way I am only 26! That line made me fill older then my years. But it’s so true! Kids just seem to have an endless steam of half terms, teacher training days, insect days and so on….. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! JUDGE FOR YOURSELF ‘ IF I’M NOT FORGETTING WHAT DAY IT IS I’M FORGETTING WHICH DAY THE KIDS RETURN TO SCHOOL! I’M A FORGETFUL MUM! AND THERE’S NO GETTING AWAY FROM THAT:)

One Response to “FORGETFUL MUM”

  1. Lorena February 27, 2009 at 3:33 am #

    I just found out that my son will return to classes on Wednesday instead of Monday. We live in Peru and this has been a long Summer vacations. Now all my plans for Monday and Tuesday are off too. And yes, schools have more time off school here to.

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