15 Feb

So Yesterday was the day for love.
I had a lovely Valentine’s day. Ok I didn’t go out for no candle light dinner for two but being with the kids and Hubby was anoth for me. I got some lovely gifts and even G and Alice made me a wonderful card full of glitter and hearts. G is only 8years old but he has always said that he thinks Jess My sisters friend is really pretty. How cute! she’s 13 so a bit old LOL.
He always talks to her about his trains and buses. Luckly for him she is happy to sit and listen. He asked us yesterday if we think jess would be his valentine. Sweet! We told him we were sure she wouldn’t but she maybe busy today.

He was ok with that he told everyone that jess was his Valentine.

On the whole Valentines day was a pretty good day:) The house was full of love as always and thats just the way I like it.

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