Gold stars for G

29 Jan

Guess what everybody? Im finally becoming a well focused, high functioning human being. Can I just show my appreciation to the person who created Melatonin. Whoever you are Thank you.
Wow was starting to forget what a nights sleep felt like! No really I was!
Sleep is something me myself or my son are not very used to. His been taking Melatonin for around two weeks now. As you may of worked out yes there has been some improvements taking place:) If you follow the blog you will remember sleep was non-existant. The last time I wrote a post about bedtimes was just a few days after starting Melatonin and things were going ok. Melatonin is no wonder treatment but once it’s effectiveness starts to kick in then oh boy it is extremely welcome.
Knowing my little boy is getting that much needed sleep that his little body so craved makes me want to cry with happiness:) Watching him run around full of life is a exceedingly good felling.
His a little boy My little boy! all little boys need a good nights sleep to be there best tomorrow. I tell him this every single night and I think he has started to listen. Gradually I’m seeing improvements in his behaviour and gradually for this reason his started to see more stars on his chart meaning more rewards for G. His over the moon at this and as you can see so am I:)

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