At a glance

14 Jan

I fell relaxed the children are in bed sleeping and i have some free time on my hands “as free as a mothers hands can be” I sit down put my feet up and go online and check who’s been popping by the blog today.

It’s nice to know what  searches people have performed in order to find my blog. I’m scrolling down the list  seeing terms such as Aspergers, Aspergers blogs, parents to a aspergers child and so on. Then i see it parent refused help then another one  no help with aspergers child at school. It’s not like i don’t no people use these terms when searching the net it just gets me every-time.

I fell my self fill up with red hot bubbling rage’ the same rage i bubble with on a day to day basis. My head starts to go into over kill with the same old question.

Why oh why are we still having to beg and plead for something that should be available to us and our children? Why is there such a lack of support from those we need it from most? Then there’s the subject of our schools. Why is it that most our schools do not recognize Asperger’s to be debilitating enough to warrant accommodations? I believe that due to this a huge sum of children end up having to be home schooled. I fault it was a huge problem here in the UK but from reading blogs and articles on the net i can see this is more of a wide spread problem affecting  missive’s of people across the US.

Am i missing something? Has the world got something to share with me? Because from where I’m standing it all seems pretty clear!

At a glance our children seem like every other child. But if time was taken to look that little bit closer’ this post would never ever of existed!

Here is a few resources for UK residents Offers a huge amount of support on a wide range of subjects Offers support in the way of grant payments that are designed with the whole of the family in mind. few examples on what they may pay loads for are specialist toys, family holiday, driving lessons, washing machines.

One Response to “At a glance”

  1. amywithlemon February 6, 2009 at 11:35 pm #

    yeah, i would agree… it’s very uncommon here- well not uncommon- just very unknown. you MUST be your child’s advocate. there is no other way. look at it this way- god’s granted you a blessing because he knew you were capable. and you are.

    also, i like to think that i’m paving the road for so many mom’s to come behind me. my son is the first AS child at his school. i don’t put up with their bullshit- i KNOW the laws! that’s the best thing i can say to you- KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. take time to LEARN THEM BETTER THAN THEY DO. and i do!! that way they can’t BS you. you can keep them on their toes, and not the other way around. does everyone at my son’s school know my name? hell yes… but that’s cause they’ve left me no choice. only i would fight for him. they’ll accomodate- but they must be informed. case in point- his handwriting is HORRIBLE. even for a 5 year old. i keep pointing out this is due to his AS and his lack of hand eye coordination- but they keep telling me he’s still in the process of being ‘assessed’ and can’t be accomodated. point being- i know the law- the law states that he qualifies for assistance in this area. so when they finally ‘finish’ with assessing him in sometime around beginning of april- i’m damn well going to make sure they accomodate him and GO BACK and fix his bad marks for handwriting.

    yes, it’s hard. no it’s NOT easy. but you are your child’s mum… and you are the best one he’s got- don’t ever feel down hearted or let yourself feel pushed down. you’re a MOM- if it were easy, it wouldn’t be so worthwhile.

    you’re doing grand hun, you just keep it up.

    that boy (and little alice) is amazing, and BLESSED to have you.

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