School run

9 Jan

Don’t we all just love doing the school run “Not”. But the few hours break it gives us to do them chores or a bit of me time is wonderful. But it seems to fly before you know it your back at the gates picking them up.
As some of you may well know my mornings of school runs are just pure hard work. With my son’s late nights he is not best pleased with the whole let’s get up and get ready for school thing. He is hard to get ready and out the door making his little sister late. First few days back after the Christmas break they were unable to even attend due to the household having a lack of sleep. His sister being kept awake and me not having a wink of sleep. Well there back and fingers crossed his not done to badly:) meaning I have had a bit of me time well housework time. But housework time fell’s like a great time right now 🙂

One Response to “School run”

  1. amywithlemon January 16, 2009 at 1:14 am #

    hey! enjoying the reading!

    my son noah, age 5, was diagnosed in august. we spent over a year getting his hearing tested, and various other things- until someone finally suggested aspergers. once we knew of it- it was pretty obvious. it’s been interesting to say the least!

    my blog is bits and pieces of me and my thoughts, my life… but here is an entry about noah:

    btw- awareness-

    i am working on leading a support group in my area. noah attends monthly group social therapy sessions with a handful of other little boys his age- it’s been wonderfully helpful. we used to go to the psychologist with him monthly, but i learned that for now- it’s ‘me’ who needs the support- not him. 🙂 which is why i’m doing my best to connect (like this) with other moms. i felt empowered when i learned the law- that helped with his school. as for all the awareness- i just do my best to tell people- i’m thankful noah is as social as he is- while awkward, he’s good with people, and they draw to him.

    again, nice ‘meeting’ you!


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