christmas eve

24 Dec

It’s Christmas eve and my children are really looking forward to tomorrow. My son made a pretty funky list this year. Well he does every year. Paper clips, padlocks and stapler are pretty much what he wants. If your child has Aspergers you may know where I’m coming from. Children with aspergers tend to collect strange items and some how find lots off enjoyment out of them. Last year after shopping for dolls and prams for my little girl i convinced myself my son may like some spider man toys. I also  got him some trains and tracks which i know he would like as he loves trains and bus’s. However the spider man toys did not go down well. He has never played with them to this day. This year i know better he likes what he likes and there is no changing that. One good thing amongst all the padlocks and paper clips he asked for a wii computer console which I’m pleased i managed to get befour they all sold out. Looking forward to seeing there smiling faces when they open up there presents even if Giovanni’s are a little strange.


One Response to “christmas eve”

  1. frogger11758 December 25, 2008 at 1:57 am #

    I’m the same way with gifts.
    Favorite items in the past have included a squeegee, a feather duster, and a lint brush. And of course paper clips. Nothing can surpass paper clips…

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