Understanding sensory sensitivity

14 Dec

Most if not all children with some form of autism will have sensory senitivity. I found this one of the most stessful parts of the Aspergers for myself and my son. Particular sounds and touch would upset my son. Once you know what these particular senitivitys are then you can work on avoiding them. Giovanni hates the felling of certain clothing against his skin. He doesn’t like metal objects coming into contact with eachother. He says the noise it makes makes him fell fuzzy. He also likes his food to be set out on differnt plates to avoid them coming into contact with one another. Hard work Yes. But by doing these things it makes my sons life that little bit easier. And that makes us both happy:)
Tony Attwood talks about sensory sensitivity in his book. This may help you some more. There is a book review on this book in a post of mine called a book from god. Under cat Aspergers book reviews.

4 Responses to “Understanding sensory sensitivity”

  1. christy April 7, 2009 at 4:10 am #

    A day in my house looks like this; my 3 year old son bumps into my tactile defensive 8 year old daughter who screams causing my 3 year old to scream b/c sounds drive him crazy! I have to laugh. It’s amazing what we do for our children to help them feel comfortable in this world! But it’s all worth it. I’m going to have to check out that book.

  2. lisa January 5, 2009 at 3:14 pm #

    hi claire i just read your site after searching the net!! it is wicked!! i didnt relise you know so much about autism!! oviously you have giovanni to learn from!!! as you know charlie was diagnosed on july 13th 2008 with autistic spectrum disorder:(. if i remember rightly you was thye first to point out charlies covering of the ears to sounds!!! when we was in uncle pauls back garden!! thank you!! now i have the battle of all the sensory issues charlie faces!! with limited amount of food charlie eats andd dislike of fabric textures ex: not wearing shorts and wool clothes or jumpers, and also his sniffing of objects. the children at school have taken perticular interest to charlie sniffing the play ground floors and have taken it upon them self to take the mick out of him and call him sniffy!! and charlie now is a little boy that takes hrs to sleep and then will wake after hours of trying to make him sleep!!. and the constant repeating of words he hears and repeating says out of films. its a total merry go round! and when he reapeativly watches the same part of the movie over and over again, he will watch the same part that plays for 40 seconds for 2 hrs, very obsessive behaviour. and the aggressive ways of charlie,he will become aggressive if a noise irrats him and hit and punch and kick, charlie fave party trick at the moment is running in the roads and if the car suddenly stops he thinks it funny and will laugh! scary for us but thats just the way they are!! charlie does nothing but miss behave at school now he has only been there since october and all ready he has beat children up in the playground and tell his teacher she had a funny face. and refuses toi sit down on the carpet! the teacher says hes very hyper and has no concertration at all! he will play only with sand!! and cant even write his name yet!! he recently excaped from school! now he has a special surport worker to watch his every move as he has become a challenge!! when your not busy could you come to mine and help me understand charlies diagnostic assesment! and the report from the school!! dont know if this means anything to you but aparently charlie has no space awarness and dont understand facial exspressions of his class mates!! xxxx

  3. clairelouise82 December 18, 2008 at 1:01 pm #

    thank you.xx

  4. xanthippa December 17, 2008 at 7:11 pm #

    Sensory sensitivity is a REAL physiological problem – not just ‘being fussy’. I am an adult with Aspergers – and I have to wear my hair long and tied away from my face: my nerves cannot ‘block’ the constant simulation of my hair against my skin, so wherever the hair touches, I get excema. It is NOT caused by shampoos or anything – tested negative to sensitivities. It is caused by the inablity to block the sensory input.

    Example: when you put your hand into cool water, after a bit, you get ‘used to it’ and it does not seem that ‘cool’ – well, that is the bit which, in many Aspies, simply does not work. Either you ‘block everything’ and superfocus, to the point that you honestly do not hear the fire alarm – or you sense EVERYTHING! All the time! It can drive one nuts!

    I cannot block out smells, either. ANY parfume – if I am exposed to it for any length of time – will trigger a ‘sensory overload’ migrane in me! I DREAD family get-togethers where I see people I like and want to talk to, but do not dare hug or sit beside, because their parfume would rub off on me enough to smell for hours and drive me into a dark corner of the room with a towel over my head….

    For Aspie kids, it is important to experiment with clothing. My older son could NOT tolerate ANY pressure on his tummy – even the tiniest pressure made him nauseous and set off diarhea. So, he always wore overalls. My younger son could not stand the pull of overalls on his shoulders when he sat down…so much for hand-me-downs!!! But he will tolerate ‘shiny’ polyester track pants, and some cotton pants – so we stick with those.

    It is important to listen to the kids and let them pick the clothes, after they tried them on – plus, if some bit ‘itches’ (like the collar, or the hem of a sleeve) – let them cut it off! It may not look as pretty – but if it helps them be comfortable and ready to learn and interact, it is a small price to pay. Plus, conformity is over-rated, anyway!!! ;0)

    Nice blog!

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