A book from god

14 Dec

I have a few Aspergers books.
But Aspergers-syndrome by Tony Attwood is one of the best. Tony Attwood a clinical psychologist had written this book as a guide aimed at parents and professionals. The book has discussions, frequently asked questions, advice and suggestions on everything Aspergers. I really rate this book. It’s a must have for parents with children with Aspergers.

One Response to “A book from god”

  1. Flo Foxes January 5, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

    always on the lookout for more books…especially those featuring asperger/autistic kids as their characters …. have you heard of ” With the Light” ..its a japanese Managa series of some 8 Volumes all featuring the life of a little boy with autism … my 11 year old Aspie Girl connected to it deeply …
    thanks for your fab blog
    @ flofoxes

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